Marketing in General

08 Nov

Marketing Management is second module in my first semester, it means I will learn how to create attractive advertisement, what will I do and say to attract customers, how should I behave to sell at huge volume, bla bla bla… Hey, is this a class for master degree or class for sales agent?? hahahaha
Ok, forget about all I write above, since there are 10 mistakes of marketing perception occur in our life.
10 Common Misconceptions about Marketing (Mr. Jacky Mussry presentation in Marketing class)

1. Marketing is Selling: Selling is persuasion, Persuasion is cheating
2. Marketing is promotion: promotion is advertising, advertising is bullshiting
3. Marketing is price war: price-war is discount and discount is buying more
4. Marketing is packaging: packaging is covering, covering is illusioning
5. Marketing is naming: naming is logo-ing, logo-ing is designing
6. Marketing is multi-level: Multi-level is motivational, motivational is pushing
7. Marketing is for product
8. Marketing is to customer
9. Marketing is department
10. Marketing is for big companies

In this class I knew that marketing has been developed to marketing 3.0. Wow, I prepare for marketing only, and they told me it already 3.0. What is the concept of 1.0 and 2.0?. Where have I been???

And all of the 10 kelirumology above is everything inside my mind before I took this module. But I am lucky enough to have great lecturers for marketing at SBM ITB class; there are huge list here, Mr. Hooi Den Huan from NTU, Mr. Amol Titus the CEO of Indonesia WISE, Mr. Irawan Alex Ibarat the CEO of Goodyear, the Guru of Marketing Mr. Hermawan Kertajaya and Jacky Mussry from Marcplus Institute of Marketing, Mr. Heru Prasetyo, deputy head of UKP-PPP, 2 practitioners Mr. Ben Wirawan (Mahanagari from Bandung) and Fajar NG from IBM, all of them working together with Pak Agung Wicaksana as lecturer coordinator. Great collaboration of them, practitioners, theories, a professor, and an effort to read more than 3 marketing books, thick module, discussing a lot of cases, group assignments plus presentations to find which companies implement good marketing strategy, finally I have some frame of What is Marketing.

This is one way to understand marketing 1.0, 2.0 and the last one 3.0.
Marketing 1.0 talk about Mental Intelligence, it’s about “what I think”, it’s product centric era, which bring us to high IQ to market their products and services. The criteria are: product must have high quality, and great product must be better product for any customers.

And it change to marketing 2.0, where emotion is the key. Customers do not only care about the quality, since a lot of product has good quality with good price, customers care about what they need, and what they feel, it’s a customer centric era. In marketing 2.0, company need to be different than the others to get high market sharing.
And here comes marketing 3.0, where Spiritual side is the key. It’s not only be different, but make changes and influence other to change. It’s Human centric era. Please check Body Shop, Johnson and Johnson and Timberland vision and mission to find their caring in “human centric”.

Well, that’s it for now, I plan to write 12 C marketing for marketing theory, but not in the short time.


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