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Journey to Soroako, Catching the Airplane

Being almost late to catch a flight is not new for me, but being almost late because it’s not my own will, is a different story.

It’s been one and half year since I left Soroako, and honestly I really did not expect to come back. Today was started smooth and easy. I woke up at 4 am, got ready, did final preparation of my luggage, did Subuh, and check for the Taxi from veranda, I’ve ordered it last night and they had called me at 4 am. Usually the taxi has been waiting for me minutes before the due time, but I don’t find any sign of a taxi was waiting for me. I still have plenty of time. 10 minutes late, I called the operator, could you wait while we check it? Ooo, ok.. I started to put my luggage outside the house. 20 minutes late, a little bit worried, I called back and reminded the operator that my destination was Airport and I have a plane to catch in 1 and half hours. Another 5 minutes, the operator called back and said the other unit will pick me in 5 minutes. I started to put my luggage outside the fence, I don’t want to waste another 5 minutes to open and close the fences. Read the rest of this entry »


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